Hello! We are the By den Weg Group. Our subsidiaries include Berry Flavors and Paul Andrag Boerdery.

A berry and grape farm owned and managed by the Andrag family. We grow and pack berries in our agri-processing facility.

Our Place

By den Weg is based on the outskirts of Stellenbosch, South Africa. Our farm in the Stellenbosch Kloof provides the rich soil and correct climate for producing grapes and berries. Our passion for people, the environment and community has driven us towards sustainable and responsible farming.

Our Heritage

We are proud to be a family-owned farm since 1704 with a Cape tradition. Originally a grape farm, we now grow berries with our packing and agri-processing facility being established in 1994 to provide our women on the farm with full time employment.

Our Passion

We grow delicious and nutritious berries throughout the year and we invest in ongoing development of our people and infrastructure to improve our farming practices and the quality of our produce. We strive to deliver the best quality in our markets.